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A Company Built on Trust

Chuck Collins & Associates, Inc. is a professional aircraft sales company providing a broad assortment of strategic Aviation Services. We provide strategic services such as: aircraft sales, aircraft acquisitions, fleet planning, aircraft appraisals, production oversight, completion management, lease financing and additional financing. For over 30 years, Chuck Collins & Associates has offered a variety of professional aircraft services above and beyond private jet sales. These professional services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Our professional team will handle the buying and selling of your jet or turboprop until the sale or purchase of your aircraft is complete.

Buying the right aircraft at the right price is a process that takes professionalism and personal commitment to the client’s needs. We can help.

We offer a full turnkey-management arrangement designed by the client with a single point of contact for your aircraft that handles all the day-to-day details of ownership.

We bring years of experience in determining the market value of an aircraft. In addition to our existing client base, we have provided research and valuation reports for prospective owners, investors, financial services firms, and the insurance industry.

We provide a complete range of tactical services to a wide range of clients, which includes private individuals, fractional owners, growth businesses, and Fortune 100 companies. 

Let us help you turn difficulties into opportunities. We offer a full range of support services for all aircraft sales, leasing, and purchase-related activities