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We are a Company of Value

“Try not to become a Company of success but rather to become a Company of value.”

With over 30 years of combined corporate and private jet aircraft sales experience, the Collins’ Aviation Companies have operated with this tenet as a guide. Our Mission Statement and Corporate Value Proposition have been developed with the following underlying principles behind everything we do for our Clients:

”The Collins’ Aviation Companies are dedicated to providing the highest Value, Professionalism and Quality Performance to our clients. We are committed to representing the exclusive interests of our clients. Whether acquiring or selling private or corporate aircraft, we will ensure that only the best possible opportunities in the marketplace are identified for our clients. We will continually operate with Integrity and Commitment that meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.”

Chuck Collins & Associates, Inc. is a professional aircraft sales company providing a broad assortment of Strategic Aviation Services. We provide strategic services such as: aircraft sales, aircraft acquisitions, fleet planning, aircraft appraisals, production oversight, completion management, lease financing, and traditional financing. Chuck Collins & Associates, Inc. began operation in January 1993, as a sole proprietorship and incorporated in California on November 6, 1997. We have successfully developed sales and delivered aircraft in every corner of the world, from the Americas and Europe to Africa and the Far East, for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and private parties.

We operate with our core values in mind: dedication to CREATING CLIENT VALUE; QUALITY; PERFORMANCE; and INTEGRITY.

Our History

CC & A, Inc. is a professional aircraft sales and acquisition Service Company that began operation in California in January 1993, as a sole proprietorship and was later incorporated as a California Company in November 1997. We have successfully developed sales and delivered aircraft in every corner of the world, from the Americas and Europe to Africa and the Far East, for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and private parties. These sales of corporate aircraft included Small Jets through Long Range Jets, and the Beechcraft King Air series of Jet Prop aircraft. Our greatest area of expertise encompasses the Gulfstream, British Aerospace BAe 125s series (Raytheon Jet), Lear Jet, Cessna Citations, and King Airs.

CC & A, Inc. has made sales of Small Jets produced by each of the six leading manufacturers in the Small Jet marketplace. The company’s greatest area of expertise in this category is the Cessna Citation series and Bombardier LearJet series of aircraft. In addition, sales in this class of aircraft have frequently required additional services and professionalism. In many of these transactions, the aircraft required modernization to meet new federal requirements. Our knowledge of these federal regulatory requirements and approved resolutions, along with our comprehensive familiarity with each of the vendors, helped our clients make purchase decisions that met their financial goals and objectives.

Since our inception in 1993, the Medium Jet market has proven to be the largest market segment in both unit count and dollar value for CC & A, Inc. The benchmark for the Medium Jet is the Hawker. Our company has demonstrated expertise in this category by closing sales to a diverse customer base. These sales included all of the Hawker series of aircraft from the early Hawker Siddeley HS 125 1A through the newest Raytheon 800XP. Additionally, our work in this group of Jet Aircraft has included transactions with the Bombardier Lear 55/60 and the complete Citation lineup of mid-size jets, especially the Citation VII, Excel, and the fast Citation X.

Success in the category of Large Long Range Jets has been in the development of sales and delivery of the big three: the Challenger, the Falcon, and the Gulfstream. When requested, as a value-added service, CC & A, Inc. has also provided the supervision and management of the aircraft through refurbishment. We have a close working relationship with some of the best and most respected completion centers in the country, which enables us to minimize downtime and increase attention to detail and quality without increasing cost to the client.

Sales in the Turbo-prop category aircraft have focused 100% on the Raytheon King Air series. The company has achieved sales in this category from the early King Air B90 through the newest progression of the King Air fleet: the Supper King Air 350 and the 1900D Airliner. Additionally, CC & A, Inc., has worked as a buyer’s agent on numerous acquisitions where our services have included successful face-to-face negotiations with Raytheon Aircraft for a fleet purchase of six 1900D Airliners and an option for six additional aircraft.

Chuck Collins Aviation Properties

We are leasing specialists in the North San Diego County area. We recognized the need for high-quality month-to-month rentals in the office space arena — but not at a “top of the scale” price. Located in the CRQ / CLD Carlsbad area, we set out to prove a point.

Chuck Collins Aviation Properties was established in 2008 at the Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA. Our venture began with just 3,000 square feet of space and 10 offices. We have since grown to encompass more than 20,000 square feet with over 70 first-class executive offices. Luxury can still be affordable. If you’ve been looking to rent an executive office but thought it was out of reach, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.