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Full Turnkey Services

Purchasing the plane is the easy part of ownership. Managing the aircraft is the hard part. Collins Aviation Associates (CAA, Inc.) is our affiliated company that handles all asset management for the clients of Chuck Collins & Associates, Inc.. Having Collins Aviation Associates (CAA, Inc.) manage your aircraft can translate into greater safety, lower costs, fewer headaches, and greater efficiency, all without the burden of administrative, operational, and human resource issues.

We offer a full turnkey-management arrangement designed with a single point of contact for your aircraft that handles all the day-to-day details of ownership. Our oversight service can include:

  • Technical services which may include: Equipment maintenance, safety checks, repairs, hangaring
  • Pilot & Flight Crew Management including training verification and scheduling, hiring, background checks, drug, and alcohol testing, payroll services
  • Crew can work for you or CAA, Inc.
  • Security, Systems, and procedures to secure facility, aircraft, crew, and passengers
  • FAA compliance: Tracking, auditing, and ensuring compliance with all federal regulation

We can design any management support arrangement to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.